The Village Dive Club is going to St. Lucia

February 11th - 18th, 2017
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About The Village Dive Club

Village Dive Club Members in Bali for Diving For Life 2012

The Village Dive Club is a non-profit club for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) divers or anyone with a passion for scuba diving - from experienced divers to to new divers to those considering becoming a diver. For two decades the club has held many events every year, and our members all share a love for scuba diving. Our activities include club meetings, dive trips, social events, and supporting GLBT causes. We meet, we dive, we laugh, we share, we travel, we grow...all for the love of diving!

What will you find at The VDC?

The opportunity to meet, socialize, and be part of a scuba diving club for gay and lesbian divers. We have activities every month, including club meetings, social events, and great dive trips!

What is a club meeting like?

diversOur club meetings are nearly every month (see Calender for upcoming meetings) where we share dive experiences, learn from guest experts/speakers on diverse topics such as dive safety, underwater photography, marine biology, advances in dive equipment, dive destinations. We also talk about upcoming trips, items of interest to our club, and ideas for the club to grow. And of course we socialize. Our meetings are free and we encourage you to come to a meeting, meet us, and learn more about our club and activities....and become a member!

What is a club dive trip like?

We have at least 2 dive trips each year to tropical - usually Caribbean - destinations (though we're always open to new ideas and destinations, and if have an idea for a trip, or even interested in leading a trip, let us know!). Our trips include land based diving and liveaboards, and recent club trips were to Bonaire, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and The Florida Keys .

diverFor more information on upcoming club divetrips go to Dive Trips. Our club members also attend DIVING FOR LIFE - the annual international gathering of 125+ gay and lesbian divers - and our club is usually the largest contingent attending! Ready? Set? Dive!

Why should I join The VDC?

Joining our club gives you access to fellow gay and lesbian divers, our meetings, our social events, our dive trips, our sister dive clubs, Diving For Life, and so much more. Becoming active in the club is a sure way to expand your diving network and diving opportunities, and make new friends and diving buddies. We welcome new members and encourage you to be part of us, bring new ideas to the club, and grow (and dive!). For more information about The VDC, come to a meeting (go to Calendar), or join us or send us a message (go to Contact/Join Us).

Who are VDC members?

Our members range from long certified, experienced divers to those exploring diving for the first time. We have many 20+year diving veterans, as well as many who took their first dives with our club. We welcome everyone interested in scuba diving.

What about dive instruction/certification?

We do not offer instruction directly through the club. However we are glad to help guide you to getting certified and if enough people are interested we will work with a local dive/certification shop to arrange this. Several club members are professional divers and instructors, and between them and all our members, we can help you become one of us!